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war for talent

The war for talent continues…

In only a few months the candidate pool has changed dramatically and the phrase “war for talent” is becoming ever popular in recruiting blogs. Companies are hiring sourcing teams to keep up with the candidate pools they have been used to and the niche hires they require. What do you have to do differently in […]

Google Moves Into New Washington Campus

Competitive ways to attract employees- perks

2014 is proving to be even more competitive than 2013 in the war for talent, resulting in many companies having to adopt creative employee perks to recruit them. Here are a few of them: Game Rooms, Donut Day Thursday, Razor scooters to get around the office, 24×7 beer kegs (not kidding) and $3,000 bonuses to […]

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Professional headshots; a necessity?

YES! Headshots used to be known for actors and models only, but in today’s social media environment there is a crucial need to have your profile pic uploaded, and most individuals find themselves at a loss for a pic they deem appropriate to represent themselves professionally.   We’ve all done this:   Rummaging for a […]

Make the most of LinkedIn

The power of sharing jobs on LinkedIn with hiring managers

One of the best tips I can think of for utilizing the power of LinkedIn in recruiting efforts in 2014 is to tap into the networks of your hiring managers. This is most easily done by sharing jobs with them on LinkedIn and asking them to share with their network or forward along to specific […]


How is your company rated on Glassdoor?

Glassdoor is quickly becoming the go-to source for job seeking candidates to take a sneak peak inside companies. With a collection of ratings from previous employees, Glassdoor provides candidates with the inside information they need to compare job offers and make the best decision on their next career move. Click on and link into “company reviews” to […]

Courtesy of talentRise from Jobvite, Social Recruiting Survey Results 2013

How many hires are from Social Media?

Courtesy of talentRise from Jobvite’s social recruiting survey results 2013.


Top Recruiting Trends for 2014

What does your company need in 2014 in order to be competitive in the recruiting space? Here is a list of some of the top recruiting trends for 2014 according to John Sullivan at 2014 can be called the year that intense recruiting competition has returned Employee referral programs. Who better to tap into […]

LinkedIn blog

LinkedIn dominates today’s recruiting strategies

Can you believe the number above has already been updated and surpasses 225 million? Keeping up with social media is a daily effort. As a hands-on Sr Technical Recruiter, certified in LinkedIn recruiting and using it daily in my recruiting, I am able to source, connect with and place top candidates with speed and accuracy […]

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Need to streamline your current sourcing & recruiting strategies?

In 2014 recruiting and sourcing for the best talent will be at its most competitive ever. Does your current recruiting strategy need an update or overhaul? Are you keeping up with your competitors in locating the best technical talent or are your jobs simply a “post and pray” effort? Are your candidates aware of your […]